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麗星郵輪清盤 企下郵輪全報廢

麗星郵輪清盤 企下郵輪全報廢

雙魚星號 1990-2022

雙子星號 1992-2022

寶瓶星號 1993-2022

全部郵輪已賣去Alang 等待報廢


A trio of Star Cruises ships are said to be getting scrapped in the near future, according to industry sources.

The SuperStar Aquarius, SuperStar Gemini and the Star Pisces have appeared this week on scrap reports as heading to the beach to the be recycled.

The three ships are currently located in Malaysia and should be heading toward Alang soon.

Clarksons, which is reportedly overseeing the liquidation of the Star Cruises fleet, did not reply for a request for comment or to confirm the deal.

Of the trio, the SuperStar Gemini can trace its roots back to 1992 when it launched as the Dreamward for Norwegian Cruise Line. She was lengthened in 1998 at Lloyd Werft in Germany.

She joined the Star fleet in 2012 after being in lay up in Greece following her Norwegian Cruise Line career.

The SuperStar Aquarius launched as Norwegian’s Windward in 1993. She was also lengthened in 1998, then coming the Norwegian Wind. She moved under the Star Cruises brand in 2007 as Norwegian was owned by Star (Genting at the time).

The Star Pisces was best known in Hong Kong serving the short cruise-to-nowhere market. She was originally built as the Kalypso for Baltic Sea ferry service. She became a Star Cruises vessel in 1994. launching service from Singapore.

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